Qemu Guest Agent on Windows

Qemu Guest Agent (qemu-ga) can be installed in Windows guests virtualized on KVM or Qemu. The qemu-ga executable provides information, such as IP address or CPU statistics, to the host.

Use the virtio-win-x.x.x.iso provided with your host distribution, or download from https://fedorapeople.org/groups/virt/virtio-win/direct-downloads/
Install the vioserial driver for PCI Simple Communications Controller.
Install the guest agent from D:\guest-agent. However, in 2017, these only provide qemu-ga version 0.12.1, which will only provides a limited list of commands.

If you find commands you need are missing download there are more updated binaries available at either:


After copying the files restart the QEMU Guest Agent service.

Qemu 2.6 compiled for x86_64 does not contain binaries for 32-bit Windows.

On the host you will need to add the Channel device to the guest, use name = org.qemu.guest_agent.0

If you have libvirt/virt-manager installed, you can verify the agent version with:virsh qemu-agent-command [VM name]

 – look at the top line.