Full System Restore

  • Windows 7 boot disk cannot be used to restore a Vista backup, and vice-versa.
  • Windows Vista does not allow a full system restore to be done from a backup on a 2nd partition to the first partition - needs to be on different physical disks (Error: 0x8000...). The destination disk partitions will be deleted, re-created to match the original and formatted.

Windows 7 Full System Restore screenshots are available here: http://www.vistaclues.com/restore-a-complete-pc-backup-when-your-computer-wont-start/

Windows Vista Full System Restore error messages:

"A data disk is currently set as active in BIOS. Set some other disk as active or use the DiskPart utility to clean the data disk, and then retry the restore operation (0x80042406)" Solution:

  1. Return to the Repair window
  2. select Command Prompt
  3. diskpart
  4. select disk x
  5. clean  (all partitions & flags on the selected disk are erased).
08 Aug 2010 / admin