Why Linux servers?

Because Linux is open source software, the code is available to modify and enhance free of charge.  This allows large numbers of developers to progress code stability and add features. Linux runs the majority of web servers on the Internet - due to the affordability, stability, security and extensibility of Linux and the software stack it supports.


Which Linux for servers?


What can Linux servers do?

Linux servers are able to provide many network services such as:

  • DNS & DHCP
  • Web serving & proxies
  • Samba/CIFS file serving
  • LDAP and Radius authentication
  • Active Driectory domain control through Samba4
  • Virtualization through VirtualBox or KVM
  • Advanced containers to distribute software services through Docker


If you would like assistance with setting up Linux servers please contact us so we can discuss your requirements.

Digital Foundations offers onsite support in Perth, Western Australia; or remote support (via phone & Internet) outside of Perth.