The first step to setting up an online business is securing the right domain name for your business. Choose a domain with a good keyword, so people can find and remember you, and choose the best domain extension for your business. Once you know what domain your business needs, it’s quick and easy to register.

Domain Pricing *

$27.50 /yr *

$27.50 /yr *

$9.94 /yr


$33.00 /yr


$22.00 /yr


$15.76 /yr



Other Domain Extensions

Price /yr
Price /yr Extension Price /yr
.academy $45.00 .accountants  $120.00  .agency  $35.00 
.apartments $60.00  .asia  $30.31 *  $23.41 
.associates  $45.00  .band  $35.00  .bargains  $45.00 
.biz $12.11 .cafe $45.00 .club $22.00
.coffee $45.00 $33.00 $12.11
.expert $55.00 .finance $60.00 .financial $60.00
.fitness $45.00 .florist $45.00 * $20.66
.info $12.11 .life $45.00 .media $45.00
.money $45.00 $29.67 .network $35.00
.nz $39.00 $29.67 .school $45.00
.services $45.00 .solutions $32.00 .style $45.00
.tv $60.56 .us $12.11 .zone $45.00


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* Minimum 2 years registration for .au domains.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What is a domain name?

Your domain name consists of a unique name representing your business or services, combined with a Top Level Domain (TLD), such as “”. Domain names are part of the foundations of the World Wide Web. A Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) adds a host name in front of your domain name to identify a particular address on the network.

What is a TLD?

TLD is an abbreviation for Top Level Domain. These are the ending part of the domain name, such as “”. gTLD’s represent generic TLD’s, such as .com, .net or .org. ccTLD’s represent country code TLDS, such as or Each TLD’s have different requirements for registration and you must register each individually if you require.

How do I set up my website and emails?

Registering a domain name is only the first step in setting up your online presence. After registering your domain name you will need to find somewhere to “host” it. Generally this is done through ordering a hosting service, but you may be able to host it on your own network or use redirection to divert your web page and mail to other servers. After your hosting service is configured you may need a website developer to design and upload your site and a network administrator to configure your email. If you need assistance these items can be arranged for a fee, please contact us.