IPsec on Debian Bookworm with Swanctl

Strongswan-swanctl introduces the new configuration format for IPsec on Debian Bookworm. Unfortunately the configuration is more convoluted. Start by installing charon-systemd, which will bring in the required packages: sudo apt install charon-systemd Key component packages: Example road-warrior config shown below, using IKEv2 with a certificate to authenticate the server and a user ID and password … Continue reading IPsec on Debian Bookworm with Swanctl

Rename a user in Linux

If you have a single user account it is not possible to rename the user login name whilst logged on. To do so use cron to run the necessary commands. Create a script with the required commands: nano /usr/local/bin/rename_user # First rename the user login: /usr/sbin/usermod –login newlogin oldlogin # Second rename the group account: … Continue reading Rename a user in Linux

Driver for ACPI INT34c6 on Dell server

If you have an unknown device on a Dell server and msinfo32 shows the component problem device ID as ACPI/INT34C6, you need to install the Intel chipset Tatlow Platform LPSS driver, this will install the Intel Serial IO GPIO driver for the device.