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PXE Booting Guide

Configure DHCP ServerConfiguration below is for isc-dhcp-server on Linux: # For hardware LAN Boot ROMs:option tftp-server-address;filename “pxelinux.0”;# For HyperV Guests:# option 60 = client identifieroption dhcp-client-identifier “PXEClient”;# option 66 = TFTP server nameoption tftp-server-name “”;# option 67 = Bootfile nameoption bootfile-name “pxelinux.0”; 2. Configure TFTP ServerOn Linux, tftp-hpa is recommended, with a directory structure … Continue reading PXE Booting Guide

Copy disk images for Vmware, KVM, etc.

(Ref: Elvis, These instructions can be used to copy full disk images over a network, including from or to physical and/or virtual machines. Because it is a bit-by-bit copy of the disk the process is independent of the file system or partition type, but there must be sufficient space on the destination disk. Individual partitions … Continue reading Copy disk images for Vmware, KVM, etc.