Linux on Macbook use Command+Tab to switch windows

23 Aug 2016 / admin

Using Ubuntu Linux on MacBook Pro, to use both Command+Tab and Option/Alt+Tab to switch windows the follo...
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AWStats on Debian Wheezy with Lighttpd

10 Aug 2016 / admin

Most documentation for AWStats guides users on configuring Apache web server. Below are some instructions...
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03 Aug 2016 / admin

Trying to build an OSX VM in KVM. Downloaded the 7GB OSX El Capitan image onto Macbook through app store....
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Qemu on Windows

03 Aug 2016 / admin

Qemu can be used to run virtual guests on Windows. Recommended binaries can be downloaded from: http://l...
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Macbook Pro with Nvidia 320M black screen after sleeping

21 Apr 2016 / admin

After a recent update some time around March 2016, a Macbook Pro with Nvidia 320M GPU running Ubuntu 15.1...
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Configure Exim mail server on Debian Wheezy

26 Oct 2015 / admin

apt-get install exim4 To support recent IOS devices you need to generate a 2048-bit SSL certificate. Ad...
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Run your own DynDNS server on Debian Linux

25 Oct 2015 / admin

This outline assumes you own your own domain and manage the DNS servers running Debian Wheezy or Jessie w...
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Installing Horde on Debian Jessie

07 Aug 2015 / admin

Below is a guide to installing Horde mail & groupware server on Debian Jessie.  Starting with ba...
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LXDE lxpolkit no session for pid

02 Aug 2015 / admin

Debian Jessie with minimal LXDE install gives the error message on startx: No session for pid (pid of lx...
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CD-ROM won't mount, I/O error dev sr0 sector

11 Jul 2015 / admin

Some CD's I have burnt myself do not mount in Sabayon Linux. dmesg shows the following errors: end_r...
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