Read bkf files in Linux

15 Mar 2018 / Bob

mtftar is a utility that can read data stored in BKF files generated with Windows NTBackup program. The ...
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Smokeping on Debian Stretch

22 Sep 2017 / Bob

Smokeping is a network monitoring software package that is used to monitor uptime and response times for ...
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Light locker settings

10 Aug 2017 / Bob

This article is about the following Linux packages: xset - the user preference command-line tool fo...
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Eaton NV 800H with NUT UPS Monitor

03 Aug 2017 / Bob

The Eaton NV 800H connects via USB cable. Using lsusb it identifies as: 0665:5161 Cypress Semiconductor ...
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Service to automount USB devices with udisks2

28 Jul 2017 / Bob

Udev is problematic when trying to mount USB devices - it works first time, but fails for re-insertions (...
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How to Boot Windows with Syslinux

22 Jun 2017 / Bob

To install Syslinux on an NTFS partition to boot Windows XP: Download and extract the latest Zip fi...
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Debian 9 Stretch on Macbook Pro save Screen brightness

21 Jun 2017 / Bob

Symptom: Macbook resets to full brightness every reboot, instead of remembering brightness settting. Sc...
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Debian Jessie Preseed install from Live CD

13 Jun 2017 / admin

Create a preseed.txt file and load it on an accessible web server Boot the machine to be install...
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Windows 10 shared folder Guest access using smbclient on Linux

17 Apr 2017 / admin

If you have turned off password protected sharing on a Windows 10 shared folder, you may still notice you...
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LXDE create quick launcher

02 Feb 2017 / admin

To provide a GUI for LXDE users to easily create new .desktop files, which can be used as shortcuts to ap...
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