AWStats on Debian Wheezy with Lighttpd

10 Aug 2016 / admin

Most documentation for AWStats guides users on configuring Apache web server. Below are some instructions...
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Run your own DynDNS server on Debian Linux

25 Oct 2015 / admin

This outline assumes you own your own domain and manage the DNS servers running Debian Wheezy or Jessie w...
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Linux route add

06 Aug 2012 / admin

Syntax for adding a route in Linux: route add -net netmask gw Lis...
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Reverse-Proxy SSL with pfSense (inc. OWA)

19 Jun 2012 / admin

This is a rough guide to implementing a Reverse-Proxy using pfSense that is capable of reverse-proxying S...
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Draytek 2700G DNS suffix

19 Mar 2012 / admin

On Draytek 2700G ADSL router to add a DNS suffix to the DHCP server use the following command in a telnet...
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Valid push dhcp-options for OpenVPN

14 Mar 2012 / admin

push "dhcp-option DNS" push "dhcp-option WINS" push "d...
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PPTP routes on Linux

29 Jan 2012 / admin

Using pptp-linux client to establish PPTP connections does not automatically generate a route to make the...
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pfSense IPSEC issues

20 Nov 2011 / admin

If you have problems getting an IPSEC tunnel to connect using pfSense at one end check the firewall rules...
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