Windows 10 Backup Mess

25 Jul 2018 / Bob

Windows 10, in 2018, has a variety of built-in backup mechanisms. Unfortunately these are mostly incongru...
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Windows 8 power button on start screen

21 Jul 2017 / Bob

To enable the power button on the start screen in Windows 8.1 (disabled by default on screens smaller t...
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How to Boot Windows with Syslinux

22 Jun 2017 / Bob

To install Syslinux on an NTFS partition to boot Windows XP: Download and extract the latest Zip fi...
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Create a shortcut to Backup settings in Windows 10

26 May 2017 / admin

To create a desktop shortcut to the Backup settings in Windows 10:  Right-click desktop -> New -...
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Automate PDF printing from batch file command line

13 Aug 2014 / admin

Adobe Reader is not suitable for printing PDF files using a batch file because it remains open after the ...
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Toshiba Tecra R850 Recovery

23 Jul 2012 / admin

In general the Toshiba Tecra R850 is a good laptop. Light for it's size (15.6"), with anti-glare...
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Can't access local resources when VPN connected (Vista & Win7)

13 Jun 2012 / admin

Windows Vista introduced a new feature that allows PPTP VPN credentials to access resources on remote ser...
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Windows Vista & 7 Disconnected drives

26 Mar 2012 / admin

Windows Vista & Windows 7 with UAC enabled always show mapped drives as disconnected after login. Th...
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iPhone has wrong name in Windows Explorer (Digital Camera)

16 Feb 2012 / admin

Windows remembers a USB devices name and fails to update if the iPhone's name is changed.  Use r...
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Vista Home Disk Image Backup

23 Dec 2011 / admin

Vista Home Premium doesn't support Full Image backups with the supplied backup tool.  However, y...
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