Australian Linux (Debian)

To quickly deploy Debian GNU/Linux with presets for use in Australia, you can use the preseed files provided here. First download and write the Net Install ISO to a USB (or connect to your VM). Boot to the installer and select Advanced -> Automated install -> enter one of the below depending on your requirement:

The preseeds are aimed to automate as much of the installation as possible, whilst providing a pure Debian system, using only official Debian repositories. The installer will need to set the password and confirm the hard drive partitioning. The following settings are defined:

  • en_AU locale
  • US keyboard map
  • Hostname “debian”
  • First user name “user”
  • SSH server enabled
  • Useful aliases predefined for common commands
  • Hardware clock set to local time, for compatibility with dual-booting on Windows PC’s

The following are installed on the GUI version to provide a quick and easily useable system for all users:

  • Gnome Human icon theme
  • Firefox web browser
  • Selection of Australian wallpapers
  • GUI utilities for user and system management
  • Minor tweaks to enhance appearance and ease of use

Installation will take 10 ~ 20 minutes, depending on Internet connection and system specification.