Is the HP 2720e a Good printer?

No, like all of HP’s current budget range printers this is a printer that will soon sadly be going to landfill.

HP currently forces users to connect printers in Windows with their terrible HP Smart app. You will quickly tire of watching the spinning wheel as the app regularly tries to connect the printer and fails. The app forces users to unnecessarily create a HP account – another password! Another opportunity for more spam!

Between HP’s poor setup steps (unreliable), exorbitant network requirements (network discovery must be on even if you manually manage to set the IP address), and confusing printer controls, you’ll be ready to bin this printer as soon as you get it to work.

Our recommendation is to not buy this printer even if it’s the only one left on the shelf! When looking at printers always choose one that has a proper small display, with clear control buttons. We also strongly recommend large ink tanks if you do a lot of colour printing or else a laser printer if you print infrequently.

Tip: if you have been unfortunate enough to have ended up with this printer and have no way to return it, you can search the HP website for the driver – manually download the Full Driver Package and ignore the HP Smart app.