Macbook Pro 7,1 RAM upgrade

Are you wondering if you can upgrade your MacBook Pro 7.1 with generic modern RAM? Yes you can!

This laptop comes with Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, P8600 @ 2.40GHz.
It comes with the following spec RAM:

2 x 2GB, PC3-8500,
1067MHz DDR3

We installed the following 8GB RAM module and it runs provided one of the original RAM modules is left a slot::

Kingston KVR16S11/8
8GB PC3-12800, CL11
1600MHz DDR3

*RAM will automatically down-clock frequency to match the lowest spec module; does not boot with a single 1600MHz module
*Tested with MacOS Sierra
*The MacBook Pro 7.1 was released mid-2010
*The RAM upgrade provides more memory for running more applications concurrently, but does not improve the speed of heavily ladden web pages.

Note that 1.35V RAM should also be fine to install in this machine, as 1.35V modules are backward compatible with 1.5V SODIMM sockets.