Eaton NV 800H with NUT UPS Monitor

The Eaton NV 800H connects via USB cable. Using lsusb it identifies as:

0665:5161 Cypress Semiconductor USB to Serial

To monitor this UPS using the NUT package in Linux, use the following configurations:




        driver = nutdrv_qx
        default.battery.voltage.low = 11.2
        default.battery.voltage.high = 13.7
        port = auto
        desc = "My UPS"


        password  = pass
        upsmon master
        actions = SET
        instcmds = ALL


MONITOR myups@localhost 1 upsmon pass master


Tick “Use authentication”
Login = upsmon
Password = pass

*Tested on Debian Stretch.
*These drivers were confirmed TO NOT WORK: bcmxcp_usb, blazer_usb & usbhid_ups.
*The Winpower software does not detect the UPS on Debian Stretch.